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4 Great Reasons To Use Us

(although there are many more)


Call us when you whether you need a large 30 yard commercial dumpster or a tiny 6 yard residential bin. Our wide selection of dumpster sizes can save you space and dollars while solving your junk removal needs. . Our professionally maintained and attractive dumpsters are never an eyesore.

Locally Owned

We are a locally owned dumpster company based in Sussex County, New Jersey and Orange County, NY. Beware of all the “middlemen, broker” web sites that appear to be local but can actually be based in other states and countries. Our commitment is to always offer accurate information with open communication to insure that your dumpster requirements are met in a seamless and smooth manner.

Environmentally Friendly

We are a green company that makes every effort to recycle as much as possible. Paper products, yard waste, even roofing shingles can be recycled. With our fuel efficient, small, highly maneuverable trucks, we are able to place our waste containers in tight places that are unreachable for larger commercial vehicles.

We Care

Really, we do! From our professional and courteous drivers to our friendly and knowledgeable office team, our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service. We’ll actually treat your property as it was our own. We’ll put boards down to protect your driveway and even clean it before we leave! Seriously, we will.

Don't know what size dumpster fits your needs and budget?

Overloading a Rental Dumpster

Overloading a rental dumpster will actually cause more problems than it solves. Sure, everybody wants to get their money's worth but renters should realize that the most expensive mistake they can make is to try and fit 30 yards of debris into a 20 yard dumpster....

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Emergency Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

Wynn's Bins Emergency Roll Off Dumpster Rentals Often circumstances arise where you need a dumpster and you need it now! Whether it's 7pm or 2 am, you won't find many dumpster rental companies eagerly answering their phones at those hours. That's when you call us!...

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We’re Local and Family Owned!

Wantage dumpster rentals have never been easier. And finding the right size dumpster is a breeze with Wynn’s Bins. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all dumpsters that are often too big for the project and the space.

3 Reasons Wantage NJ Loves Our Commercial Dumpsters for Rent

  1. Save money. When you rent a dumpster with us, you’ll save money. Instead of paying for dumpster space you may not fill, you pay only for the dumpster size you need. Our affordable prices mean you can put your construction budget towards other areas of the project.
  1. Save space. Not all commercial properties have extra space for a rented construction dumpster. All too often, valuable parking and other publicly used spaces are taken up for this task, hurting business. With smaller size dumpsters, you lose less space. In fact, some project managers tell us they like to scatter several smaller dumpsters throughout the project to facilitate more efficient demolition and waste removal.
  1. No hidden fees. Our quoted price is the price you pay. We tack on the disposal fee charged by the refuse center and any other fees we’re charged and that’s it. If you want the dumpster returned after its emptied, we’ll do that for nominal fee. Our pricing is up front and easy to understand.

3 Reasons to Use Us For Your Wantage Dumpster Rentals

  1. Appropriately sized. Most home renovation or clean out projects don’t require a huge construction dumpster. Instead a smaller sized dumpster rental is sufficient to collect all associated waste. Smaller size dumpsters are also more appropriate in a neighborhood setting.
  1. More affordable. Renting a dumpster that’s more appropriately sized for your job also means you save money. You’re paying only for space you use. And with our affordable prices, you’re getting a real bargain.
  1. Truly local. We support the local community and our neighbors. Unlike some companies who claim to be local until you realize they’re not, we’re truly local to Wantage NJ.

What We Love about Wantage NJ

Wantage dumpster rentalsEasy! We love the sense of community. The community events and other activities are a great way to meet and interact. And as dog lovers, we have a true appreciation for the Wantage dog park and all the activities there.

Whether we see you around Wantage or not, we’re here to help you with all your dumpster rental needs.

Communities We Provide Dumpster Rental Services to in Sussex County, NJ.

Newton, Swartswood, Sparta, Tranquilty, Stillwater, Branchville, Lafayette, Augusta, Layton, Sparta, Ogdensburg, Blairstown, Franklin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Sussex, Montague, Mc Afee, Vernon, Wantage and Lafayette.

Local and Affordable Rentals for Any Budget

Renting a dumpster from a locally owned dumpster rental company in Sussex County has never been so easy or affordable!

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