Overloading a rental dumpster will actually cause more problems than it solves. Sure, everybody wants to get their money’s worth but renters should realize that the most expensive mistake they can make is to try and fit 30 yards of debris into a 20 yard dumpster. Ordering the next size larger from the beginning will only cost you a fraction of what the overloaded one might.


Problems Overloading a Rental Dumpster Causes the Hauler and Renter

Let’s start with safety. It’s not safe. Not for you, not for the hauler and definitely not for anyone traveling on the roads while it’s being transported. Any load being transported needs to be covered completely. When the debris is overflowing the sides of a dumpster, it will not be covered completely by the truck tarp system making safe transport impossible. If you expect your dumpster company to pick it it up and haul it, two things are probably going to happen. One, the dumpster won’t make it where it needs to go without debris blowing or falling out on the way to the dump or worse, someone gets injured or it causes an accident. Two, the truck gets ticketed and fined by law enforcement and the waste haulers permit issuer for transporting an unsafe load. This also puts the waste haulers permit to transport in serious jeopardy.

Safe Dumpsters, Happy Renters

Once the driver or dumpster company determines that the dumpster is not safe for transport, other options and fees need to be presented to the renter. For starters, haulers work on a tight schedule and yours just spent a whole bunch of time to and from a dumpster he or she couldn’t transport. Check your agreement but you’ll usually incur a trip charge of at least $150. Now plans need to be made to make the dumpster safe. That could include:

  • Renting of another dumpster and unloading. Is there enough room?
  • Manpower to do it. Some companies will do this at an hourly rate. Some won’t.
  • Additional rental day charges.

If your undecided on which size dumpster to order, bigger is better! Happy Renting!