There’s nothing like the excitement of opening a package you got in the mail. Whether it’s a new small appliance for your kitchen or a decorative piece to compliment your décor or an exciting new piece of technology that box you’re excitedly opening likely also contains packing peanuts or other foam packing materials.

As you already know, foam doesn’t biodegrade and until recently it’s also not been a recyclable product. This has meant that the landfill in Sussex County and across the country wind up full with this packing material permanently. New technology is changing this in Sussex County!

Foam Cycle

Another local New Jersey company, Foam Cycle, provides polystyrene (EPS) recycling technology to governments, schools, universities and businesses. Essentially, the technology consists of a shipping container that’s been retrofitted to include electrical hookups, lighting, and an exhaust fan. Inside the shipping container, Foam Cycle uses a densifier from RecycleTech. Depending on the model, Foam Cycle’s container can process between 50 to 200 pounds of foam per hour. The 90-1 reduction volume means the processed foam takes up very little space and can be transported easily.

How Sussex County is Using the Foam Cycle Technology

This awesome foam recycling technology has recently been installed at the Sussex County landfill. In its current implementation, Sussex County is offering EPS recycling to residents on a limited basis. The EPS recycling program in Sussex County currently includes EPS from protective packaging for durable goods only. It does not currently include recycling for packing peanuts, colored EPS or items with tape or labels.

According to the Sussex County Utilities Authority recycling coordinator, Reenee Casapulla, the additional recycling options were “seamlessly integrated into daily operations.” Business owners and residents seem to be pleased with the option to recycle their EPS foam materials.

Have you tried it yet? At Wynn’s Bins, we’re pleased to know there’s another option for foam that won’t take up valuable landfill space.