Unlike most other construction waste or household junk, shingles densely compact in a dumpster. If you’ve estimated the weight incorrectly, this can lead to expensive overweight charges. When you understand the weight of the shingles coming off your roof, you can select the correct weight allowance for the job and avoid those surprise charges at the end. Here are some tips on how to estimate shingle weight.

How to Estimate Shingle Weight

How Much Do Shingles Weigh?

How to Estimate Shingle Weight by Wynns BinsTypically, shingles are sold in bundles. You purchase the number of bundles you need to cover the square footage of your roof. You can also use this to estimate the weight of the shingles coming off the roof. Depending on the type of shingles you purchase, one bundle will usually weight between 50 and 80 pounds. Simply take the weight of one bundle and multiply it by the total number of bundles you need. If there is more than one layer of shingles coming off your roof, you’ll also need to multiply that number by the total number of layers. That gives you an estimated weight. It will be a bit high since the shingles coming off the roof have deteriorated making them a bit lighter. That’s okay, though. Your goal is to be within the weight limit and you will be if you use a higher estimate.

Understand Weight Allowance Impact

Some dumpster rental companies offer a weight allowance fee to help defray any overweight charges. Upfront, these can look like a good bargain, but in the long run, they may cost you more. Let’s say you’re removing 4 tons of shingles from your roof. One company offers a 4-ton rental dumpster for $375 with a $75 per ton weight allowance. Another company offers a 2-ton dumpster rental for $300 with a $75 per ton weight allowance. Renting a dumpster from the first company will costs you $375 – no weight allowance needed. Renting from the second company will cost you $450 because you’ll be 2-tons overweight. Be sure you fully understand all the charges involved in selecting a dumpster.

Other Roofing Items That May Add Weight

In addition to removing shingles, waterproofing materials and nails are usually stripped off. While the weight impact of those items is negligible, replacing plywood, gutters, or flashing can significantly add to the weight. In addition, if you’re renting from a company that recycles shingles, you may need a separate dumpster for any other roof waste.

Getting the Right Size Dumpster for Your Roofing Job

At Wynn’s Bins, we’re happy to discuss your roofing job with you and help you select the right size and weight allowance for the task. Contact us today for the best prices from a local dumpster company.