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Here Are Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

How long can I keep my bin or dumpster?

7 days is our normal rental term. If you need it longer, no problem. Just give us a call a few days before your scheduled pickup and we’ll reschedule.

What size dumpsters does Wynn's Bins have and how much will they hold?

6 cubic yard – 3 pick-up truckloads – 5500 lb max
9 cubic yard – 4-1/2 pick-up truckloads – 5500 lb max
12 cubic yard – 6 pick-up truck loads – 5500 lb max
16 cubic yard – 8 pick-up truck loads – 5500 lb max

Can I fill the contents above the top rim of the dumpster?

No!, Please don’t. DOT regulations require we keep all loads no higher than the sides of the bin.  The customer is responsible for unloading contents exceeding the maximum height.

What items am I not allowed to put into a Wynn Bin?

No dirt, concrete, asphalt, rock or plaster
No hazardous materials of any kind
No liquids of any kind
No oils or lubricants including brake oil, transmission oil, motor oil, etc.
No flammables, propane tanks, fuels, etc.
No electronics including computers, stereos, cell phones, tv’s, etc.
No pesticides, batteries, aerosol cans, medical waste, chemicals
No rubber tires or railroad ties

You can find more info here in our terms and conditions page
 We do supply dumpsters specifically for items such as concrete, asphalt, shingles and electronics.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, Your credit card information is required upon your order and will be charged at the time of delivery. We also accept checks upon delivery.

Can I get multiple dumpsters?

Absolutely! And there’s more good news. When you order more than one, we’ll discount each container 5%! (excluding dumping fee’s).

Can there be any additional charges?

Although we have very generous weight limits and are lenient to a point, the answer is yes. If you are overweight, we will charge you an additional $100 plus the disposal fee.

If any of our restricted items are placed in the dumpster and need to be removed and or disposed of, a charge for disposal fees, environmental fines and $150.00 will be charged.

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