10 Money Saving Dumpster Rental Tips

Most dumpster rental companies aren’t interested in haggling over pricing and most actually frown upon it. Armed with the right questions to ask, it can work to be a win-win for both you and your bin rental company.

  1. Short Term Rental: Perhaps you don’t need your dumpster for the allotted time you’re given. Let your company know, especially if you only need it for a day or so. A dumpster you’re not using gives your company a chance to rent it again quickly. Although this might not be your biggest money saver, it’s worth a shot!
  2. Local Discount: Travel time is one of a dumpster company’s biggest expenses. Do some research and find out how close you are to not only the company itself but to your New Jersey or New York local landfills or transfer stations. If you’re within 5 miles of either, there’s a good chance you could save a few bucks.
  3. Weight Of Your Trash: An experienced dumpster company has a pretty good idea of what the average weight is for each size dumpster they rent. Obviously, a dumpster with construction debris will usually weigh much more than one filled with household items, furniture, etc. Let your dumpster service know what you plan on disposing of and possibly put a couple bucks in your pocket.
  4. Time Flexibility: Scheduling pick ups and deliveries while keeping on a schedule is a daunting task at best for most dumpster businesses. If you are willing to be flexible with both the drop-off and pick-up of your dumpster, let them know. Again, probably not a huge money saver but it’s worth the try.
  5. Neighbors: Almost everyone has some things they’d like to get rid of but there too large for the trash man or they haven’t the time or means to bring them to the dump. Ask around, you might be surprised at how many of your friends and neighbors would be interested in donating towards your rental fee just for the convenience.
  6. Cover Your Dumpster: Many items such as mattresses, clothes, sheetrock, etc. absorb a lot of water adding to the weight of your dumpster which may end up costing you overweight charges. Simply using a tarp to protect your trash from rainwater can save you those unwanted charges.
  7. Don’t Use a Broker: This one deserves an entire page in itself and is worth repeating, DON’T USE A BROKER! Not only will this tip save you money but will most definitely save you a lot of time and headaches. All brokers do is what you do, shop for a dumpster. They won’t bargain on your behalf, you’ll have no idea who’s bringing it and you won’t have anyone local to deal with if there are any problems. Working with a local company, (preferably small) that is an actual business not only helps keep your business in the local community but you’ll almost always receive better service by staying away from brokers. There are a few telltale signs of dumpster brokers, including 800 and toll-free numbers, websites with no addresses and if you’re into social media, no facebook etc.
  8. Multiple Bins: Sure, this might seem like a no-brainer but after you fill your first dumpster and need another, it’s probably a little late to ask for a discount. Ask about possibly needing multiple dumpsters upfront and you’ll most certainly put a few bucks in your pocket.
  9. Shop: Again, this one is pretty obvious but although no one is going to rent your dumpster for free, most will listen to their competitor’s rates and probably know them already.
  10. Additional Fee’s: No matter what local dumpster rental service you use, they all have those pesky additional fees. The most common are, overweight charges, prohibited items, over time and over filling. Keep these all in mind and if you’re unsure about any of them, ask your service!